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About us

Our Story

Issues such as sustainability, health, poverty, workers' rights, animal welfare, and food safety have become increasingly critical in guiding shoppers' purchasing decisions. To counteract the creeping erosion of trust, industry players from all areas of the supply chain are looking for strategies with integrity at their core. Sustainably innovative products reduce waste and costs, are made with significant reductions in energy, chemical, water, packaging, and transport, and bring benefits reflected across the organization's entire product lifecycle, operations, environmental and social goals. We can achieve these improvements without compromising product performance or value for the sake of a greener product.

Who We Are

Over 30 years of global experience working with manufacturers and retailers to innovate new products and services. We have experience facilitating product innovation, development, and process improvement with high-performance teams, resulting in client successes and published articles in Food Manufacturing and Organic Processing, as well as speaking engagements at the Organic Trade Association and Food Marketing Institute. Clients include AholdWhole FoodsPepsiCoCampbell's SoupCostco, and Wal-Mart. Previous experience includes Global Innovation Director for Ahold Global including the development of Private Label programs on both sides of the Atlantic including "Nature's Promise" organic and natural products, to address consumer needs for improved health, sustainability, and convenience.

Expertise in business development and supply chain management for corporations at every stage of growth – from startup to Fortune 500. We have considerable experience in consumer goods and food & beverage retail markets. Reputation for innovation and growth in products and services, customer value and insight, and multi-dimensional workforces.

We are a strategic advisor to mid-size food producers, sustainable agriculture input and equipment companies, and investor groups.

Some project highlights:

► Transformation of CPG companies using a combination of process improvement and leadership development delivering double-digit financial gains.

► Transformed supply chains for industry-leading global F&B retailers to sustainable production, measuring the performance of certifiers in Africa, Asia, and South America to identify opportunities in ethical product sourcing, farmer support, and local community development.

► Produced a 30% uptick in profitability for a European sport-leisure startup by timing the marketing spend against futures orders, optimizing sales support, and penetrating a broader market.

► Developed an e-commerce program that ignited 8-figure sales in one year and launched a program that reclaimed hundreds of millions of dollars in lost sales.

► Leveraged expertise in business startup and development to generate millions of dollars in customer fees and development funds.

► Streamlined sourcing and development processes and reduced cost of goods while increasing market share and growing profit for a multibillion-dollar sales organization.