Sustainability is integrity

Sustainable Innovations Inc. (SI) is an advisory firm that helps clients develop and implement solutions to the most critical sustainability challenges - strategy, organization, execution at a corporate and supply chain level. We emphasize smallholder inclusion, access to investment, capacity building, renovation, performance measurement, and evaluation. SI designs partnership programs between corporates, donor agencies, and partner governments – to co-fund training and improvement programs with smallholders and produces a blended investment return for ESG investors.


Global experience and proven project management success for:

  • Business development and sales: new products/services and software platforms
  • Logistics planning and last-mile delivery optimization – micro-fulfillment
  • Warehouse planning and operations, layout/planning and replenishment, and fulfillment systems
  • Manufacturing process improvement: IoT applications for measurement and analytics
  • Sales and operations: cross-functional demand and inventory planning
  • Sourcing and procurement process improvement: scorecards, optionality/localization
  • ESG and Sustainability Measurement for Certification or Sustainability Reporting
Sustainable Innovations

Strategic visioning

Early-stage development and a proven fact-based approach to proof-of-concept and scale in the market and field with key partnerships.

Project management

Defining project scope, key performance indicators (KPIs), secure project deliverables and risk mitigation. Stakeholder forums with investors, strategic partners, donors and civil society to maximize positive social and environmental impacts and balanced returns.

SI Program Management
Sustainable Innovations services

Planning and development

Providing an independent voice of the customer/user and stakeholder feedback to accelerate speed to market and prove the business case for project stakeholders.

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